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Jane Stafford, PhD

About me

Areas of Expertise: While I treat all major psychiatric disorders including personality disorders such as borderline personality disorder, much of my training and experience is in treating anxiety disorders (OCD, social anxiety, panic disorder) and post-traumatic stress disorder.


Education: BS from Fairfield University in Psychology

MA from Binghamton University in Clinical Psychology

PhD from Binghamton University in Clinical Psychology


Degree: PhD in Clinical Psychology


Experience: I have worked in a variety of clinical settings over my career including two VA hospitals, a community mental health center, and private practice. I am also a professor – I teach and train masters level therapists.


I am a cognitive behavioral therapist and primarily utilize a treatment called Acceptance and Commitment Therapy. My main goal in therapy is to help people develop the kind of life they want life – not just to reduce their symptoms. I am happy to talk about the treatment I provide and what you can expect from therapy before you make an appointment. I like to be physically active, and to try new things so I learned how to surf in the last couple of years. I also love to spend time in nature.

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