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VSee Telehealth

There are 2 ways to enter a televisit with your provider:

If you plan on using a laptop or desktop computer (with video capabilities):

  1. Make sure you call Aiken Psychiatric to give your email address before your appointment time. Using this e-mail address, we will sent you a link to click that will connect you with your provider.

  2. Please make sure you are in a private well-lit room and that your computer’s volume is up.

If you plan on using your cellphone or tablet (with video capabilities):

  1. Download the free VSee app in your app store:

  2. Once your app has finished downloading, open the app and select the option to enter your provider’s room code. The app will let you register to create an account for repeated use or you can simply select “Enter Waiting Room as Guest”. After entering your name and a “complaint” (you don’t have to provide this information), you MUST check the box that consents to the session to proceed which appears like this 

  3. Lastly, click “Enter Waiting Room” at the bottom of your screen which will begin your visit. Ensure you are in a private location that is well-lit. Check that your volume controls are turned up. 


**Call Aiken Psychiatric Staff at 803-642-3801 if you have any problems.

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